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The Emilian trial, one of the convicts taking hostages at the post office


Pieve Modolena


Five officials of the Pieve Modolena post office, a part of Reggio Emilia, were murdered by a man named Francesco Amato, whom he sentenced on 31st to 19th October in the Aemilia trial for the presence of ndrangheta in northern Italy. The man, whose class holds imprisonment, entered the Via Fratelli Cervi mail with a knife, holding five people.

One of the five workers, a woman, will come out of the branch. A little outside, the woman had a failure and was rescued by her staff 118.

There are carabinieri and police officers on the spot who are in talks with Amato. He closed all the neighboring streets. The situation would be "under control": Amato, who – according to Carabinieri's figures – does not seem to be in a very clear situation "he asked to talk to politicians about the penalty that he says unfair" because he would be " , but an honest criminal, not a mobster. "

"I will kill you all"
This is the threat with which Francesco Amato entered the office and took five women as hostages. Contacts will be made with the man from the carabiners, especially a soldier, on the doorstep of the building, which acts as a link.

Viminale closely monitors developments
Viminale's maximum notice that closely monitors developments in Modolena. Amato asks to speak with Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. Undersecretary of Justice, Vittorio Ferraresi, follows the developments with anxiety and concern: I am close to the hostages, families and law enforcement agencies involved in the difficult negotiation process, "Ferraresi writes in the social media.

The daughter of the director sent an alarm, complains
"My mother is very brave, I saw her voice tremble, but I think she knows what to say and what to do, it is worth nothing that this person could do": this is the testimony of the daughter of the director of the post office Pieve's office Modolena, a part of Reggio Emilia, was picked up by Telereggio this morning in front of the post office where a convict for the Mafia trial Aemilia, Francesco Amato, invaded armed with a knife, holding 5 people hostages, including of the director. One of them, Treasurer Annalisa Coluzzo, 54, was released after accusing a disease: rescued from the carabiners, now it's fine. Four other women remain hostage. This was the director's daughter this morning to send the alarm to the police: according to what the girl said 22, she went to the office to bring a parcel to the mother when the man came in, shouting "I kill everyone". Then he managed to escape: "He held a knife and showed it to the people," said the girl, who concluded "I want to know if my mom is fine, I want to get out."

Spadoni, M5: near the hostages
"A fugitive convicted in the Maxe-trial Aemilia campaign at 19 for a Mafia association, Francesco Amato, was bored with a knife armed in a post office in the village of Pieve Modolena, just outside Reggio Emilia, taking hostage of hostages and four officials are in negotiations, we are close to the police forces working for hours and now, to resolve the situation as soon as possible and to bring judges to justice and their families. " Thus, in a memo, the Vice-President of the Chamber Maria Edera Spadoni (M5s).

Dell & Orco: The government is watching developments
"We are close to the hostages, families and law enforcement agencies involved in the deal – irrational what is happening, the government is watching developments in these hours." Deputy Minister of Transport Michele Dell & Orco wrote in a post on Facebook.

Beloved as a braced arm of the Greater Akatri
He was born in Rosarno on February 27, 1963, but for many years he has been living in Reggio Emilia, Francesco Amato. Amato last Wednesday was sentenced by the Reggio Emilia Court to 19 years of imprisonment by a Mafiosi trade union organization in the Aemilia trial against Cutro (Kr) costs transplanted to Emilia Romagna. Amato was considered a participant of the association led by boss Nicolino Grande Aracri. In the past, however, he had encountered similar judicial investigations against Ndrangheta Cutrese in Emilia, such as those called "Grande Drago" and "Edilpiovra". Together with his other relatives, originally from Reggino, Amato had formed a partnership that was considered to be the armed wing of the Big Aracri gang. Following the conviction last Wednesday, the man was imprisoned along with 14 other people who were convicted of a Mafia association in the same trial, but had since been lost by him. It appeared this morning at the Pieve Madolena post office.

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