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The first covered agricultural product market in Romagna is a reality


November 17, 1818 – hour. 12:51

RAVENNA – Ten simple rules to make a cost that respects the climate and the environment. The decalogue was presented this morning in Ravenna on the occasion of opening the first farmer's market covered by Romagna. Campagna Amica's first mandate – the Coldiretti farmer's network of Piazza dei Carabinieri – is to favor the purchase of local products that should not be subjected to long-term polluting. According to one study, a meal before reaching the tables lasts two thousand kilometers. Reducing this distance means reducing pollution.

The rest of the rules are at the bottom of the article. Of course, shopping in the morning mornings, Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings in the farmers market can be a good incentive for the climate. The farmer's market was inaugurated in the presence of an exceptional goddess: Erica Liverani, Ravenna and Masterchef's winner in 2015. "The Ravenna covered agricultural market, the first opened in Romagna, was also created to promote knowledge of seasonality of products that do not need to travel over long distances and spread, thanks to farmers' advice, the best methods for maintaining and using local food treasures and hundreds of citizens were consumers who came in the morning if in the covered fruit and vegetable market buying extra virgin olive oil, cheese, salami, honey and jams, flours, baked, plants and flowers, all strictly km0 ", writes the Coldiretti. On the occasion of the inauguration, the signatures were also collected "Eat original! Uncover your food" (Eat original, reveal your food) to ask the European Commission to act on transparency and consumer information about the origin of what you eat. The collection of signatures will continue tomorrow, Sunday 18 November, when the market, as an exception, will remain open all morning.

After the inauguration, the agricultural market will follow them weekly hours: Tuesday from 8.30 to 13.00, Friday from 15.00 to 19.30 and Saturday morning, always from 8.30 to 13.00.


  1. Prefer the purchase of local products that should not be subject to heavy polluting transportation.
  2. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables that do not consume energy for storage.
  3. Reduce intermediaries to make purchases directly from the manufacturer, such as Coldiretti-friendly campaign markets, to avoid product changes that often mean unnecessary transfers.
  4. Privilege loose products that do not consume packs such as milk vending machines.
  5. Buy family-based packages as compared to disposable packages to reduce the consumption of packaging for the amount of food consumed.
  6. Group markets (also in condominium) to reduce energy consumption in transport for purchases.
  7. Reuse the bags and use those made with biodegradable materials of national agricultural origin or with canvas instead of plastics.
  8. Optimize the energy consumed in preparing and storing pots and low-impact refrigerators.
  9. Reduce waste by optimizing purchases and re-discovering kitchen waste to avoid getting into waste.
  10. Make a separate collection to allow energy recovery from the waste generated.
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