Wednesday , May 31 2023

"The Salvini government counts more". The research that worries Di Maio


Government driven by five stars or union? It's hard to say exactly, but for the Italians – according to Emg's latest research on Agora – it is Matteo Salvini the exponent of the executive power counts more. The survey, in fact, certifies that 60% of respondents believe it is the most powerful member of the CDM. Here are the numbers (14%), Di Maio (13%), Tria (2%) and Savona (1%). What really surprises is that while for the Alliance's electorate it is clear that their "captain" is at the top of the executive (70% of the electorate shows), the same can not be said for the five-seat party. They are separated in half and point to Di Maio at 39% as a leader with a higher weight, Salvini at 35%, Count at 17%. Therefore, the case of Salvini's infection against the electorate of pentastellato seems to have been confirmed.

The survey that was presented during the Serena Bortone program in Raitre, La League It also raps as a party: if you vote today, it will have 31.2% of the votes, while the M5S will stop at 27.3%, a percentage down by 1.5% compared with 22 October. Overall, the voting intentions of the ruling parties reach 58.5%. The center-right contrasts are stable: Forza Italia 8%, Fratelli d 'Italia 3.9%, USA with Italy 0.8%

Salvini's favor is also the way he opposes Europe. According to 46% of the Italians, it is actually right to have the wall against the wall against Brussels, while 45% are against it because they believe that saving is jeopardized. Among the voters, the most favorable for the wall against the wall are those of the League (83%), which is reduced to 60% for voters of the M5S. Not only that. 53% of Italians have little or no confidence in the European Union. In particular, voters of M5S do not trust the EU in 63% of cases, while the Northern League in 74% of cases.

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