Monday , March 20 2023

Turkish property closes Pernigotti, in Novi Ligure the site is at risk of 100


The Turkish team Toksöz will close the Pernigotti plant in Novi Ligure, which was launched in 2013. This was announced lawyer at a trade union meeting today. About a hundred people are likely to lose their jobs to about 200 company employees scattered between the Noves factory and the Milan offices. The company's plans include the dismantling of the productive part and the maintenance of the trade mark and the commercial network, which would serve the sale of products from Turkey (starting with the creamy cream already produced in Anatolia).

"As soon as we arrived, the new property promised the revival and talked about adding new products to desserts for relapses, but Pernigotti has always been at a loss, with constant change of managers and industrial designs," explains Flame Secretary Marco Malpassi -Gil of Alessandria. now Toksöz has decided to leave Italy and the union promises a battle: "They want to fire and claim the unemployment insurance to stop the activity that just reappeared with the Genoa decree. We ask you to use the chip for a crisis, to identify issues that may are interested in undertaking the business, "says Malpassi. The Turks, however, seem willing to keep the Pernigotti brand, an "unacceptable" aspect of Flai-Cgil, announcing the mobilizations that have begun since tomorrow.

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