Sunday , May 28 2023

Vaccines, 80% passed. But among the more than 50, there is still no coverage of 3 million


Vaccination against coronavirus, although a few days (until the end of September) behind the target set by the government80% Population over 12 years: we have80.04%. The minimum safety threshold, however, points to some weaknesses: the proportion of spectators over the age of 50 who receive no dose is still high: three million people out of the total dose 8,163. In the north, 3.7 million people are still out of vaccination. Then there are ten Regions in addition to the two autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, which remain below the national average (Sicily, the latter, still 72.3%).

Coverage by age group

This is the percentage of people over the age of 50 who are not vaccinated 10.75%, continues to worry about the absolute number. It finally fell below three million: a month ago (September 10) it was high 3.541 million, has now been downloaded 2,987. However, this is an important figure for an audience that includes able-bodied people.

This is a situation that could create organizational difficulties, given that from October 15 it will be mandatory to obtain a green pass to enter public and private workplaces. Also, given these figures, the Regions are organizing themselves to change the green certification system in terms of bumpers, extend the validity periods (currently with a 48-hour rapid test, 72 molecular) and even test companies independently.

The highest percentage of those who have not yet received the vaccine dose are the youngest (30.4%), but it should be remembered that this age group is the last to be immunized. Twenty (15.2% “Undiscovered”) do better than those in their thirties 20.3%) and forty (19.4%).

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The difference between the regions

Among the regions, on the other hand, there are 9 regions with more than 80% coverage ( Lazio Is 83.5%, Lombardy e Puglia 83%), in addition to the provinces of Trento and Bolzano, 10 have not yet reached the security threshold. The latter Sicily With 72.4%, Lab24 predicts that it will reach its target with the current injection rate November 22nd.

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