Monday , May 29 2023

Vasco Rossi presents the new single: "The Truth" – Velvet Music


Meanwhile, everything is ready for his return Vasco at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, where two more dates were added on 11 and 12 June, bringing the total number of live performances to Milan to 6.

After announcing the dates of his tour, tickets for the VascoNonStop Live 2019 immediately went to any platform. The great success of prepaid tickets for Vasco Rossi in Milan led the singer to add more dates and new concerts on the tour. But something has caused the anger of his followers. Over 180,000 tickets were sold in the early days of sales in the Vivaticket circuit, bringing Vasco Rossi's concerts in San Siro from four to six with new dates on 11 and 12 June, a record for the Zocca rocker if one place the public again knows how ticket prices are no longer affordable for everyone.

In fact, this time also the Facebook team "I Vaschisti" raised the dispute over the cost of tickets for the concert that gathers the bad moods of some of Blasco fans: the reasons for the protest are explained in a statement andwith the return of Blasco to San Siro, with very high ticket prices ranging from nearly 100 euros from the lawn to almost 50 euros from the last rings (free entrance instead of disabled).

The demonstration of the fans

According to the above: "The excitement to come back to see, after years, Vasco in San Siro was broken by the cost of the tickets. We can no longer tolerate these insignificant and ordinary increases. The people of the cow belong to the middle class of society. We are not bourgeois winning from 3,000 to 7,000 thousand euros per month. Many of us are workers, baristas, hairdressers, plumbers with families of two or three people and a salary of 1,000 per month. Looking at San Siro ticket prices is a punch in the heart, a slap in poverty. For us, even 10 euros per month make the difference ".

The followers of Vasco then decided to address the singer by writing:Where is the humble Vasco looking at the weak social classes? Where are the values ​​that Rossi emits with his songs: tolerance, equality and respect for the different? By watching prices, Blasco's performances are made for an elite of citizens. Vasco Rossi has to stop this macabre script ". For the chief of the Vaschists Baptist Liser, if Vasco will not reduce the cost of tickets "this means that it is also in line with the market logic and his concerts will no longer be unique, but they are approved by others. "Vasco asks you with a loud voice: reduce the cost of tickets, do it for people, do it for the common people."

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