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"With her two days to make love"


Corona, charges against Cecchi Paone. And in Asia Argento: "With the two days to make love"

Fabrizio Corona was a guest of Piero Chiambretti a # CR4 Women's democracy, in Rete 4, and as usual his statements have not gone unnoticed. Interview by Chiambretti and from Alfonso Sondorini while speaking of "beautiful and cursed," Corona began commenting on the conflict between his former Silvia Provvedi and Alessandro Cecchi Paone during the Big Brother Vip, a dispute in which the latter said that Corona is not an example for young people.

Asia Argento kisses a man. Signorini: "It happened two days ago, and it's not Corona …"

"I always said that Cecchi Paone exploited his homosexuality because his career was in decline – said Corona – He proclaims morality, but then behaves very differently in private, especially at night ". With regard to Provedi: "Silvia was with me, came to see me many times in jail, never asked for anything in return and never had covers – added – Cecchi Paone says I'm not an example for young people? You are wrong, I am an example for young people. Because I was in prison and every time I came out I got up. "

IN SILVER ASIA Corona then spoke about Asia Argento and her relationship for a few days: "You often do not get used to knowing someone or leaving home to love for two days", His words. Then other revelations: Chiambretti shows two pictures arrived at Signorini's publishing house. The photos show that Asia Argento kisses another man who is not Corona and Fabrizio seems annoyed: but after a Chiambretti joke that gives him the horn, the same conductors reveal that in reality it's all a joke with her synergy of Asia itself.

INSULATION EX Below are the ex-girlfriends of Corona, from Provvedi in Belen to Nina Moric. "I'm trying to find something from each of them – says – says Moric that I'm in love with myself? Is true. Me and Lele Mora? Every day he creates one, but I love him. If I was with a guy, I would choose a more beautiful one. "" Ronaldo, I do not think he raped the girl, maybe he will have exaggerated a bit with stops – then adds to Ronaldo – Perhaps, like Asia, it was wrong to trade and pay. "

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