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Blizzard of Diablo Mobile Version Rebound Community – Japan version


Diablo Immortal was developed jointly with the NetEase Spark Online Report. Blizzard classifies this reaction as a "passion" of a fan.

Blizzard Entertainment brought Diablo to iOS and Android. And from this it creates a little incredible anger from the fans of the game.

Diablo Immortal was developed in collaboration with NetEase and was announced at Blizzcon this weekend (※ last weekend). It records the debut of the classic mobile series. Blizzard expresses the new game as MMO. And this experience is designed to "live, breathe, evolve continuously".

New story lines, character classes, loot items, challenges will be added regularly, making Diablo Immortal a game that can continue to play for years to come.

"With their incredible passion for Diablo and the guaranteed know-how for mobile telephony, the development team has created surprisingly exciting, surprisingly beautiful mobile games and we are reaching the player I can not wait for the day," she is president of BlizzardJ. Allen BrackHe said in a statement.

The mobile version of Diablo is very important from the point of view of the business. And it seems to be good for the community to import entry points into such accessible rows. In fact, however, Diablo Immortal provokes controversy and confusion with the community.

The project application call was canceled (reference URL) and was placed immediately after the game was announced. Since then, some 30,000 signatures have been collected.

The reasons for this anger are varied. But, for the most part, it seems to have its roots in the fact that the next Diablo is not a complete sequel, it can not be played on computers and game machines. He is co-founder of BlizzardAllen AdamIt was accepted in Kotaku that the company is surprised by the size and intensity of the loss (reference URL). However, he did not describe this reaction as appropriate.

"They love what they love and want what they want," he said. "This passion, really leads us, we also feel … I feel that their feelings and desires are not just about the Diablo series but about all the amazing things we do across the company I understand it can be shared."

It should be noted that Blizzard said he was working on Diablo's multiple works before Blizzcon. And this fact has been determined by this subsequent rejection.

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