Monday , March 20 2023

"Creed Odyssey Odyssey" by Giant "Cyclops" and a new search to be applied to the November update | Game * Spark


Ubisoft North America, "The odyssey of killing the murder"Monthly Update in November" for the release of November news release.

First of all, the series "The Lost Tales of Greece" began as historical content. Two of "The Show Must Go" playing King Leonidas and "Divine Intercession" who can accept the test of God were introduced. These missions can be received when visiting episode 5 without a time limit.

The epic mercenary and epic ship appeared as epic events. This will be released when it reaches 30 levels.

In addition, the first giant to be applied as a new creature "Cyclops"It can be confronted with searching the" Lightning Bringer. "Conquering the Cyclops, a legendary arc is available.

Other updates, such as the "Traffic Minimum Release Limit to 70", are scheduled. Details can be checked by the traffic and announcement of the official website.

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