Thursday , June 8 2023

The moment Aragaki Yui resembles this recently actor? Rare phenomenon whispered by "Kanegara" | Asa Graphics Plus


Yui Aragaki, who plays the lead role in "We Can not Become a Beast" (Japanese TV series). In the fifth episode that was broadcast on November 7, "In the fifth episode, Keiko Tanaka, who is a crystal lover, Kyotani saw the kiss scene played by Ryuhei Matsuda as a star acting as a new student and witnessing the Kyotani impact Kureha, who plays Riko Kikuchi and Saburo Ichinose playing Wataru Ichinose, according to the preliminary announcement that the 4 people, Aki, Star, Kureha, Saburo, will have a craft shop "5 tap". It is said that you will drink together.

"On October 31, the fourth episode was broadcast, Aragaki fell under Matsuda on the bed and wondered if he would go to Koto, eventually had no kissing scene, and the fans of the newcomers had a sense of security, many viewers. The scene of confrontation of former Kano, Shuri ri and Akira, who continues to live in the Kyotani Hall expected in the fifth episode, is also not cloudy and late The audience seems to be more meticulous than expectation because there was a crystal and a star scene j to an end. However, some viewers were told that there are times when "the Shinkaku often seems to be the Miura Kiritani" began to be heard on the internet "At what time the shogaku displayed in Kiritani" is little question "(Female journalist magazine)

Although the initial projection rate reached 2 digits at 11.5%, it did not manage to leave very good data, such as 8.5%, 8.1%, 6.7% and 8.3%. Will it be overwhelmed by future developments?

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