Tuesday , May 30 2023

[메디파나뉴스]Recent biomarkers were discovered in Korea


Professor Park Jin-Sung of the National University Hospital Chilgok Kyungpook and Professor Hee Jin Song of the Kyungpook National University conducted joint research into the intensity of muscular dystrophy and found he was the first in Korea to show abnormal findings in the MRI of the brain of patients with muscle tension dystrophy.

The intensity of muscular dystrophy is the most common hereditary musculoskeletal disease occurring in adults, usually accompanied by systemic complications such as heart disease, cataracts and diabetes, as well as muscle loss and worsening of the muscular strength of the hands or feet.

To date, this disease has been extensively studied in muscle-related complications, but several studies have recently found that cognitive decline and degenerative brain changes are accompanied.

Professor Park Jin-Sung and Professor Song Hee-jin also confirmed that for the first time in Korea, patients with stress-type muscular dystrophy had abnormalities in brain magnetic resonance imaging. Diffusion analysis of refractive images showed that the typical motor neuronal cell, First, through objective data.

The results of this study were published in the current issue of scientific reports, the sister magazine of Nature, this year.

"We will continue to work together to further study the muscular dystrophy disease caused by tension and ultimately to approach the therapeutic approach," the research team said.

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