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[방송]The director of "Hundred Days of Kanggun", "Do, Kyung Su, will be a great actor"


The director of "Kanggun's one hundred days" praised Doosan. Behind the backdrop of Daekyungsu, who renewed his character, he was a director of "Hundred Days"

Director Lee Jong-jae, who directed TVN's monthly drama "The Nongji Scenery, Lee Jong-jae Manages," interviewed Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul,

It is the first 100-day romance of Won-Do (Do-Kyung-su), the oldest daughter of the Joseon dynasty (Nam Ji-received 14.4% of the audience's score and was hot love and ended last month at 30.

Lee Jong-jae said, "I'm really happy, I'm sorry to have a part, but I think we will see such work again next time." I still feel a lot of remnants, "he said.

Director Lee Jong-jae mentioned the actors and writers as the success factors of her "He said," I feel only grateful. Thank you for playing with me and thank you for postponing work so that it can be done well. " I also felt like a fairy tale. "I do not know if this was well known to viewers, but it was our real gaze."

"The writer of Noji Seol wrote very well, it was serious when it was serious, and it was really fun when it was fun." I do not think there was a place in the middle, so viewers would not want her. . "

Specifically, Lee Jong-jae welcomed the casting. We've been waiting for more actors than to worry about the idol. Indeed, Dae Kyung Su successfully performed two stations with one person.

"Soo-gyeongsu made his debut as an idol, but he's also a friend who likes the actor's way." I also played a major role in movies and dramas, so smoke was recognized, so I was not afraid to cast Dorotasu as lead. You were also the main character of the movie before "Hundred Days", so I'm sorry to doubt the action. I did not even feel Idols on the scene shooting at all. "

Dorisuksu showed his presence as the Prince's interest rate in the game and a useless southern part. From romantic eyes to charismatic action, he played a wide range of roles than ever before. As a result, the character of life has been renewed. It is not the EXO-member dios but the charm of the actor Dae Kyung-su.

Lee Jong-jae said, "I have no words, it is more intense than thinking, and there is also weight." His eyes were clear, his thoughts were deep, he was not a friend to speak, so I think the road was better And it was actually all about the other side of interest rates and profit, I think it will be a great actor. "

Director Lee Jong-jae said: "I am really grateful for Dae Kyung-su and Nam Ji-hyun who are full of their share," he said. At that time, I am mature and I think friends are maturing. "

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