Wednesday , October 5 2022

Aesus launches new hardware chrome box 3 HMH remote Korea concept idea in Korea


(New Iri Papa) ASUS Korea (NYSE: AMD) today announced the release of its first new Chrome Box 3 HM-3 (HM-3) in Korea.

Chrombox 3 HMH is a solution for remote meetings, phone calls and training. It consists of a mini PC, a speaker microphone, a camera and a set of touch screens. With this particular feature, it provides the value of meeting together through a clear image even at a remotely remote meeting and provides an intuitive meeting and education environment providing a touch skin as a standard.

Due to this function, it was already well accepted by the industry in preliminary verification through cooperation with the big company SI and KDDI before the domestic launch.

Chrombox 3 HMH is a Mini-PC in the form of a mini-PC mini-PC that conforms to standard desktop performance and features a high-quality Intel 8G Core i7 processor and built-in graphics card. In addition to the touch screen, it can be connected to projectors such as screens and projectors via an HDMI port. We have also focused on practicality with built-in and built-in Chrome, a familiar internet browser for wireless (Wi-Fi) built-in and efficient Internet access.

Internet Browser The Android app can be installed through Chrome and Google Play. Based on training and specific office type Supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac for high-speed wireless data transmission and 4K Ultra HD Camera Videoconferencing is possible with smooth and clear image quality just like a meeting in an office anywhere in the world. It features intuitive 10-point touch screen conferencing and built-in microphone speakers that provide noise suppression and improved echo cancellation for more practical office work.

Unlike other Windows OS systems, ASUS offers a lightweight operating environment and speed optimized for hardware and offers high security for business and educational use. Especially, it is equipped with a Google Chrome browser, which is especially used and easy to access cloud and VMWARE over the Internet, thus providing comfortable comfort to large companies and foreign companies.

Chrombox 3 HMH is about 12% faster than its predecessor, Chrombox 2, and is bootable in about two to three seconds after pressing the power button and can be quickly applied to tasks or meetings.

The HMH CPU 3 Chromium Box has a variety of lines ranging from the Intel Celeron 3865U to i3 and i7 processor and is 148mm x 148mm x 40mm in size and 1kg compact size to provide ease-of-place space that can be installed in a small space. In addition, the M.2 SSD is used as a storage device and supports USB 3.1 and Type-C, improving performance, compatibility and expansion.

Ausus said the Chrombox 3 HMH, launched in Korea this year, has made great efforts because it is a product designed for consumers who want more efficient and maximum performance.

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