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Busan Information High School won the 2018 Lotte Championship


[조이뉴스24 류한준 기자] The 2018 Lotte Gymnasium Baseball competition hosted by Lotte Giants has expired. The tournament took place on May 30th and lasted until May 5th.

Busan High Prize Information Winner. Busan Information Hall won 4-1 against Kyung Nam-Go at the finals at the Kyung-kyung-Hyundai Dreamball Park in Busan, Gyeonggi province on May 5th. The Busan Information Center achieved its first victory with victory a day.

The tournament involved six teams from Busan Metropolitan City, which are affiliated with Lotte Clubs such as Gaeseong High School, Gyeongnam High School, Buk Kyung Go High School, Busan High School, Busan High School and Busan High School. A pulley pull contest was held.

Kim Tae-ho (catcher) was chosen as the best tournament player (MVP). Also, Busan Information High School Kim Hyun Joon (pitcher) was awarded the excellent prize, and NamJi Min (pitcher) of the same school was named the prize.

Kim Sung-il (pitcher) of Gyeongnam province, who won the runners-up but did a worthwhile job, received the honorary mention. South Korea's Gyeongnam, Lee Ju-hyung (infielder) scored eight thieves and climbed to the bell.

In the "batting" category, Gaesung and Kim Hyun-joon won the top spot with an average of 50.45. Gyeongsangnam-do was second and third in the league with 45 points.

At the award ceremony after the tournament final, all prizes worth 40 million profits, including the items that the teams will take, were awarded.

Ryu Han Joon journalist [email protected]

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