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Central Defender "Emergency" … Where is Kim Young-kwon?


Kim Min-jae is considered a powerful alternative, Kwon Kyung-won – Jung Seung-hyun – Park Ji-soo
A variety of experiments in Australia

One of the challenges for "Ben Tou Ho 3" on the way to Australia is to find a central defender. Chang-Hyun-soo (27, FC Tokyo), who defended this position, is inevitable to change his composition immediately after receiving a disciplinary punishment for deprivation of national qualifications, misrepresenting service activities on behalf of the army . Chang Hyun-soo started in three of the four matches after being appointed coach of Paulo Benuto. Kim Young-kwon (28, Guangzhou Everglades, depicted), who has built-in baseball, is interested in what kind of athlete he will breathe.

The most likely alternative is Kim Min-jae (22, Jeonbuk). Kim Min-jae, the gold medal for the Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang 2018, is expected to take a step ahead of the position contest as he is always able to play in the fight against Panama last month. The key is how to exercise its role. KB Chang, Han Jun-hee, said: "Chang Hyun-soo has formed a bunch of triangles that Bentoo connected with Ki Sung-yong (29, Newcastle) and Chung Woo-young Kim-jae and Kim Young-kwon will take on the role of Chang Hyun-soo, or the two players will try to share their roles. "

There is also the possibility of experimenting with new resources in one of the two tournaments (17, Australia, 20, Uzbekistan). Candidates are Kwon Kyungwon (Tianjin Cheosen Jen), Jung Seung Hyun (Kashima Antlers) and Park Ji-soo (Gyeongnam). Bentu said: "No matter who you are, I can not tell you to play the same role as Chang Hyun-soo. I will keep the basic frame and style of the game, but I will apply the details to the new players. "

Recently joined the third season, Gwon Kyoung-won is able to dig a defensive and middle ages like Chang Hyun-soo. Kwon Kyungwon played in defeat at Jeonbuk in the past. Kashima defensive defender Jung Seung-hyun is on the rise as he recently led his team to the Asian Champions League title (ACL). Park Ji-soo, who was a member of Taegeuk Group A for the first time in his career, seems likely to use it, as it is a card discovered by Bentoo himself. It is remarkable if Jung Seung-hyun and Park Ji-soo, who did not have the opportunity to play in the previous evaluation game, could take the field to Australia.

Jun-hee Han said: "It is important to release the defensive team in the national team, and as each power is different, he will eventually have the opportunity to see the game he wants at the training camp."

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