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Fresh Items & # 39; Galbi, Eel Plate / Photo = KBS2 Emission Screen Recording

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[스포츠투데이 이소연 기자] Live info & # 39; Galbijimjang restaurants and other restaurants have stimulated the eyes and mouth of the audience.

In the 6th KBS2 current and cultural program "2TV Live Update" corner, we tried a variety of restaurants ranging from side to side eel dishes.

First of all, this day, "Daedong Taste Map" from the new information, the season of colored leaves! In the "autumn tasting" corner, a restaurant with ribs was introduced. The restaurant introduced this day is located in Jeongeup, Cholla province, and is a small-sized restaurant. It boils ribs for over 15 hours.

In this restaurant, the beef, which is the component of the ribs, boils twice to soften the fatty layer of the ribs. After boiling for 30 minutes, remove the oil directly on the surface of the meat. The characteristic of soft and light taste. The rice is decorated with fried rice with egg and steam during finishing.

The eel restaurant, which was introduced this day, is located in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. The eel, which is a cooking ingredient, grew eco-friendly by consuming Chinese medicine on the farm. Quality was acknowledged to have received the Presidential Award.

Immediately cut the eel off the farm immediately and complete the eel dish. This eel dish can be eaten with a vegetable sauce containing 11 kinds of herbal ingredients.

In addition, on this day, Shibari, Shibari, Shibari The restaurant was introduced to Namyangju, Gyeonggi province. It was boiled for six hours, and was filled with great care as it was made to boil overnight. If you put rice flour, rice cake, miso soup,

In addition, seaweed nutritious seafood and seiwajeon, which is a special flavor, tastes. There is also a sad thing on the thick staircase.

If you wrap the saddle and bite the shoots, the bean shoots, the scorpions and the mountain lake combine to create a delicate flavor.

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