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Kim Sung-tae "Kim Jong-eun and Halla Mountain Ghana" Chair of the moon "I do not have a heliport"


Women's Opening Ceremony,

President Moon Jae-in and five members of the ruling and opposition parties discussed important political issues for nearly three hours. The draft agreement, made with the gaps left before the meeting, was announced on the same day. In addition, the Democratic Party leader Hong Yang-Mai said on May 5 that "I was honest and friendly". Democratic Party spokesman Gwon Won-won said: "It's a beautiful settlement of old days." On the other hand, Kim Sung-tae, leader of the Free Korean Party, said: "If you score 60 points," he said. Kim Gwan-yeong, a representative of the Future Party, said: "There is some progress in Cheong Wa Dae. The main topics of the meeting were summarized as observations.

On the 5th, Dae-jin Moon, President Moon Jae-in and five members of the ruling Uruguay Party held a meal lunch. [뉴스1]

On the 5th, Dae-jin Moon, President Moon Jae-in and five members of the ruling Uruguay Party held a meal lunch. [뉴스1]

◆ Flexible worker system

– Hong Yan-Più, Democratic leader I will try to agree on the method and the basis of the flexible labor system. If possible, leave it in the social dialogue, otherwise it would be better to treat it as a debate in the National Assembly.

– Yoon So-ha : I can not agree with the extension of the flexible working arrangements developed with the current government to respect work and create good jobs. It is placed in politics towards government workers.

– Kim Sung-tae, leader of the Free Korean Party : It is necessary to solve the difficulties of the company through the flexible working system. If the reform of the labor force is not supported, it is almost impossible to overcome the economic crisis.

– President Moon Let us compensate for the problems that arise during the 52-hour admission period.

◆ Anti-nuclear policy

– Sung Tak Qi : Nuclear technology and international competitiveness must not be lost. Speed ​​control is also required and drastic policy changes are required.

– Chang Bin Wan : A red light has triggered exports of nuclear power plants, which are particularly competitive. There is a problem in training the technical human resources because there is no student in the nuclear-related section.

– President Moon : It is possible to discuss how to coordinate the current energy conversion policy provided that it continues. The political tendency of the government must be 60 years before the nuclear power plant. Let us work together to develop and maintain nuclear technology.

◆ Saemangeum development

– Chang Bin Wan : The Saemangeum solar energy development policy had not previously communicated. There are also concerns about the use of good land for solar energy and the preference of large companies.

– President Moon I was afraid that other areas would like to make solar, but it bothers me with the issue.

– Kim, Kwan Young : If you consider the Saemangeum as a renewable macaque, please consider attracting research institutes for solar and wind energy.

– President Moon I will use inert earth and strengthen communication. Preferential concerns will be resolved through various programs such as the involvement of local cooperatives. This area will be gathered. I think it will be alpha without affecting the existing Saemangeum project.

◆ Employee heritage

– President Moon : The succession of employment and the irregularity in employment should never be done. The government has begun research and the result will be around January.

– Hong Yang Puo We have to eliminate it together.

– Sung Tak Qi : It should under no circumstances be tolerated if it is not a legitimate effort, but instead it obtains regular employment information in advance,

◆ Child benefit

– Sung Tak Qi : Expands the benefits for primary school students.

– Hong Yang Puo : Low fertility is an important national challenge and needs to be resolved. However, it will require approximately 12 trillion profits to extend to elementary school students. I agree with the direction, but it is not a simple decision.

– President Moon : It is extremely high that the target for child benefits is extended to 100%. We should discuss further with Jae-jeong.

◆ Seoul

– Sung Tak Qi Kim Jong-eun is likely to be the head of North Korea's North Korean National Assembly President this year.

– President Moon : The summit will be postponed for next year, so it is better to see whether Kim Jong-il's visit to Seoul will be held by the end of this year. However, it is supposed to be done within the year. When we visited Pyongyang in the past, it was common for North Korea to return to North Korea. This time, I hope that I will make a great opportunity to improve cross-Korean relations by making the trip to Seoul.

– Sung Tak Qi The president will go to Mount Baekdusan and take him to Halla when Kim comes in.

– President Moon I am concerned that there is no heliport on Mount Halla. It would be controversial if you did a helicopter until you damaged the natural environment.

◆ Relations between the Koreans

– Sung Tak Qi It was not advisable for Cheong Wa Dae to ratify unilaterally the Joint Declaration of Pyongyang and the inter-Korean military agreement.

– President Moon The declaration of Pyongyang and the ratification of the military agreement are both indispensable and inevitable. Panmunjom Declaration The parliamentary ratification agreement should be dealt with, but I will not hurry. However, I hope that the National Assembly will announce a welcoming agreement to visit Kim. Let us work together to establish a peace regime on the Korean peninsula.

– Sung Tak Qi : I agree with bilateral co-operation, but the agreement between the two sides should include a "strong alliance between Korea and the United States" and a "full denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" in the deal.

◆ Internal policy

– Chang Bin Wan Please help the ruling party speed up the reform of the electoral system.

– President Moon I want the National Assembly to discuss the reduction of the age of the elections to 18. I would like to include it in the reform of the electoral system.

– Sung Tak Qi : President is too busy (Laughter)

– Yoon So Ha : Every party and government should try to reduce their 18th birthday, assuming they will boost their proportions and representation.

– Sung Tak Qi We must improve the practice of appointing a cabinet, regardless of the National Assembly. The political behavior of Blue House's staff also requires censorship and warnings.

– Kim, Kwan Young A:. A:. Let us inform the President that we will find and recruit talented people.

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