Monday , May 29 2023

More than 50 housewives, buying more packaged kimchi


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – More than 50 buyers of kimchi bought by consumers are growing.

According to Emart, the market share of kimchi to be packed in 2016 was over 40 percent between the age of 50, but this year the index rose to 44.4 percent.

As the family unit becomes smaller, the number of households that can easily buy Kimchi has increased.

As a result of this trend, packaged sales of kimchi increased significantly. Etim's packaged sales of kimchi grew 8% yoy in 2017 and rose 18.7% yoy.

E-Mart is expected to sell the discounted kimchi and wrapped kimchi for 15 ~ 21 days.

(7 kg) and "Jongno-ro Jeolla-do Kimchi (7 kg)" will be sold for 30,900 earnings respectively.

Functional Chinese cabbage, Beta Fresh (3 bran) sells at 6600 won. Beta-carotene, which helps prevent aging and vitamin A production, is a functional cabbage that contains more than 140 times the amount of common Chinese cabbage. According to KAMIS, the prices of Chinese vegetable retailers are low compared to the 3127 earnings for the first class and the 2594 for the middle class.

The price of ginger (500g / bag, domestic) is 5980 won, and red pepper powder (1kg, domestic) is 33,400 won, which is 20% less than the normal price. .

E-Mart Kwak Dae-Hwan, a vegetable buyer, said: "I will increase my choice of customers to differentiate the kimchi-wraparound items as the number of customers sinking kimchi at home decreases.

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