Monday , March 20 2023

Soka, SNU, SKT and other stand-alone vehicle displays


The Soka Mobility Platform participated in autonomous car sharing demonstrations based on collaboration with Seoul National University, Yonsei University, SK Telecom and SWM.AI.

It is a place to show the achievement of the "autonomous task of driving a car-based technology development project" organized by the Ministry of Regional Planning, Transport and Maritime Affairs (National Institute of Science and Technology Transfer Engineering).

The event featured more than 100 simple people who supported the event through a pre-event such as the Soka customer, and it's time to use autonomous cascading service based on driving directly from the car call to the destination.

Experts have entered the automatic drive and the time of departure and destination from the mobility platform application and have booked. The stand-alone vehicle then switches to the origin of the call and moves to the customer and moves to the destination. After the shutdown, I experienced the whole process of moving to the parking area or the next passenger call area.



The demonstration ride, which took place on the road near Byeonwang Life Park in Siheung City, Gyeonggi-do, is 2.3 km away, including Hanul Park 3-SK Apartment Complex. The exclusive mobility service platform enables optimization of services such as shipment to unmanned autonomous vehicles. There are five cars like Genesis G80, NIRO, IONIQ, K5 and Ray.

A participant who met the autonomous car-based car-sharing service said: "It's so amazing that you can drive a stand-alone car with an easy and simple application like car sharing," he said. "If you go to the parking lot after your arrival I thought I could use it as comfortably as I am in my application without my car," he said.

"If autonomous mobile technology is applied to mobility services such as car sharing, it is possible to provide a more optimized mobile service," said Won Jong-pil, Chief Technology Officer, Woongjong Woong. "In other words, this will lead to improvements in various traffic problems." "We will do our best to help our customers use the latest mobility technology, including self-navigating, safely and comfortably."

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