Wednesday , October 5 2022

Sports Korea: What is a "normal person"? … The hot days of Jang Yuk · Hyunju Son


  • Photo = Normal poster poster

What kind of film is a "normal person"?

The "normal people" portrayed the story of Sungjin, a homicide detective who lived a normal life in the 1980s, as we were captured by the serial murder that the country is paying attention to and its life is shaking.

The actresses Son Hyun-joo and Jang Hyuk, who have designed the season, have received a good reputation. In the 1980s, Son Hyun-ju took on a new challenge acting as the most talented Kang, a Sungjin criminal who has a strong sense of intimacy and Jung Nam,

In particular, we received much love during the opening in March of last year, offering sympathy and resonance over the years with the sincere set of domestic actors and stories of all of us.

Meanwhile, at 10:55 in the 18th, EBS 1TV was filmed with "The Normal People".

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