Wednesday , February 1 2023

Sports Korea:[KS 2차전]Kim Tae-hyeong's strong loyalty to Jang Won-joon


  • The news agency Yonhap

[스포츠한국 잠실=박대웅 기자] "Now it's time to get out again."

Coach Doosan Kim Tae-hyeong said he would continue to focus on Jang Won-joon ahead of the second round of the Korean series against SK, which will be held on May 5 at Jamsil Stadium.

Doosan was at a disadvantage when he had overtaken SK in the first leg. Although the Scottish Gulf was destroyed with the firing of nine of the four darts, it revealed the lack of consistency of Doosan's scoring points and the lack of sense of competitiveness on the cliff, mainland and defensive fields.

Ace Lindblum, who believed in the embankment, was behind Jang Won – joon & Jang Won-joon was the third kennel on the second and third base in the seventh. In the end, the scoring difference was two points, Park Jung-kwon gave four automatic balls high and played a lone role.

Jang Won-joon is a major pitcher who led the Korean Series and run a round after joining Doosan in 2015 but failed to qualify with 3.7 ERA and 2.92 ERA in his regular season this year. Although the repayment was restored in the first game, overall, it exposed an absurdity in court.

However, Coach Kim Tae-hyeong said: "It is possible to start the second game." Luckily, I played only one game now, and in the first game, Jang Won-joon's court was okay and I think he threw his best ball, since it is the first time the postseason bullpen is back, I do not have many experienced players. "

Meanwhile, coach Kim Tae-hyeong also played a role in Lee Young-ha, who was active in starting Doosan 5 of the regular season.

Kim said: "I have no reason to go out in the second game, but I plan to put the ball in the bulb first."

Lee Young – ha is ranked as one of the four fans along with the theater. Depending on the situation of the game, depending on whether it is going to be placed on the bullpen, the final selection of Doosan will be finalized.

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