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The Australian Press of Ben Touhouwamu, with the praise of their country GK "The game that dominated"


[인터풋볼] The Australian media, which had a tie with Ben Kyung-sik and Ben Tuo Ho, showed satisfaction with the results.

South Korean coach Paulo Bentu led the Korean national football team to a 1-1 draw in Auschwitz, Australia on November 17 at 5:50 pm (Korean time) at Stankov Stenco in Brisbane, Australia.

South Korea lost the chance of a victory on the road, but continued to run unbeaten (2 wins, 3 wins) in five races after taking over Bentoo.

It was a disappointing result. Although South Korea did not have a great chance in the first half, Huang Ji-hoo, who came in the 22nd minute, succeeded Kim Min-jae on the back of the field to win a single chance. South Korea also threatened her opponent with a free kick by King Sejong in the second half.

However, Korea, whose concentration had fallen shortly after the end of the second half, gave a win over Masumoru Ongo.

It was a disappointing result for South Korea, but Australia is happy. Australian coach Graham Arnold said: "Overall, the players were willing to show." We have made Korea withdraw. I was really proud when I walked into the closet. Australia has grown too much, but I will move on to further growth. "

The Australian press has shared similar ideas with Arnold. In particular, he did not hesitate to praise Matt Ryan to block a free kick for King Sejong in the 24th minute. Australia's "News 7", along with Ryan's news before the season, convey the hot reaction of the fans. And he called him "Superman" who stopped the free kick of Sejong.

"After the Australian World Championship in Australia in 2015, Australia once again scored a dramatic goal and made Korea's breasts hurt." Australia's goals were proclaimed through VAR, and Australia, which dominated the game, was a goal to win.

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