Monday , October 3 2022

When the chicken pox … Jeju Island, precautionary statement


Jeju urged seven days to immunize and adhere to the rules for the prevention of infectious diseases as the period of growth of pox and mumps increases.

Varicella and mumps are infectious diseases that spread through respiratory secretions such as saliva that is secreted by a patient when coughing.

The incidence rate is high in young children and young children in primary school, and the incidence from April to June and from October to January increases annually.

As a result, he was asked not to go to school or go to school during the broadcasting period.

In addition, the doctor should check the vaccination power of children under the age of 12 and recommend vaccination. In the case of suspicious patients, students should report radio waves to the public health center after conducting radio-wave prevention training, such as stopping a visit to school and visiting the school. Yang Kyung-ik journalist

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