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Ibaka strikes first 14 shots and helps produce Lakers anti-record – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com


Ibaka, with 34 points, scored a career record, gathering ten rebounds. He made no mistakes until the third quarter of the second half, completing the duel with 15 out of 17 shows. Kyle Laurie also added 21 points and 15 assists while the head of the eastern conference, "Raptors", is the ninth win in ten races this season. Meanwhile, the Lakers team won it in the eighth consecutive fight.

Toronto has already achieved a great 31-point lead (41:10) in the first quarter and did not let opponents overcome the last minutes when the young Lakers came a little closer. At the end of the dance, Raptors had to return to the success of several leaders.

As the ESPN statistical service has investigated, this is the first time since the attack began (the 1954-5 season) when the Lakers won more than 24 points more than their opponents in the first quarter. Likewise, the Lakers is the first team in at least 20 seasons, which has already reached my home at least 30 points in the first quarter.

Lakers won the best spot with 24 points to Kyle Kuzma, while LeBron James took 18 points and six odds shoes. Los Angeles basketball players won four wins in the top ten games. "Raptors" kicked this fight without Cavan Lennard, who suffered leg pain.

Milwaukee Bucks and Portland Trail Blazers also won a very convincing victory on Sunday. The second "triple double" of the season was Jannis Adetokunbo, but Bucks with 144: 109 (39:30, 33:20, 36:32, 36:27) left no hope for Sacramento's "kings". The young Greeks scored 26 points in the win, 15 rebounds and 11 draws, while Bucks won the eighth victory in the 9th victory, taking the best start of the season in the team's history. Trail Blazers, with 111: 81 (30:27, 31:18, 31:19, 19:17), broke Timberwolves in Minnesota, winning the best with 19 points and 12 bases under Jusvum Nurkich.

In another fight, the upcoming series of failures came from Phoenix's "Sun", who won the Memphis "Grizzlies" with his 102: 100 home (21:28, 31:28, 25:25, 25:19) Devin Bucker, while the seventh failure in the ten-season games was hit by New York's Knicks, who met with Washington Wizards, who had lost five losses at 95:10 (17:24, 33:34, 28:23, 17:27) at home. In the fourth quarter, Knicks lost 86:86, but failed in the last nine minutes.

Game Rez
Bucks – Kings 144: 109
Nets – 76s 122: 97
Wizards – Wins 108: 95
Spurs – Magic 110: 117
Dog – Grizzlies 102: 100
Trail Blazers – Timberwolves 111: 81
Lakers – Raptors 107: 121

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