Thursday , February 2 2023

"I'm smarter for bread" – Boxing –


"The box is a very heavy sport and somehow depends on it," said Gevor, a 28-year-old (24-1, 10 KO). "If you are a boxer, you are a boxer forever. My box has taught me that I am really disciplined – devoting myself to sports and never resigning."

Gevors is a former WBO Junior champion and WBO champion in the first heavyweight championship. Duel with Bryde will be the most important in his career.

"It's a fierce fight, it's a great fight, it's a good wrestler, it has a good school, a Soviet school, a power of surrender." I will fight after the system – they sit and will not strike, "said Gevor.

"I have a second chance," said Deer (24-1, 18 KO), who lost the semifinals to the Super Series this season and is considered favorite in the second season. "I want to use this second option, every wrestler in the tournament is different, but also a great test for me – physically and psychologically."

"Of course, I feel good. Now, the most important thing is to work hard for God's help with my boxing technique, I want to show what I am capable of," said Latvian.

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