Monday , October 3 2022

Latval has the duty not to fight Tanaka to win the Australian WRC rally


Photo: Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC

On Sunday night, the final day of the Australian WRC Rally will start, with three pilots yet to be named for the title. The current leader is Ots Tanaks, while Sebastian Ojier is the sixth, while Thierry Noivil is the eighth. If the match is over, then he will become a champion at Ojier.

At the moment the situation is such that Tanaka will win the rally and gain five points in Power Stage, but O'Eee will finish sixth and Power Stage will be left undisputed, then the title will be won at Ozier , who will overcome Tanaka a point.


Although Tonak has surpassed his Latval teammate for less than 22 seconds, the Toyota team has given a mission to Latval on the closing day, which will take 84 kilometers, not to fight for victory.

"Before the start of the last day of the second day, the team with us was a meeting in which it was decided that we would not fight Taneq with us, we will follow him and see what the other riders will do. is better if he wins this stage because he still has the chance to become a champion if something goes wrong with Ojier and Noovil, "so Jari-Mati Latvawa.

We will remind you that the riders of M-Sport Elfins Evans and Thema Suninen, who lost Oji, gave the first day at the end of the day, helping him get a better start day on the second day. "We are all the athletes who want to fight, especially if you do not have a contract for next year, but we have to respect the team's decision, that's our job and the situation is what it is," Evans said after the end.

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