Wednesday , October 5 2022

Live: Latvian National Drama Concert "Birth of the Night" – Culture

[ad_1] in cooperation with LMT Michelin TV today, on November 18th by. 22.30 live broadcast of the concert of the National Theater of Latvia "Birth of the Night".

The Latvian National Theater is the place where the Latvian state was founded and "Birthday of the Night" is a special dedication of the new director of the theater, the director Janis Vimbas, to the centenary of Latvia.

The work consists of four seasons that can be compared poetically to the range of each individual's inner feelings – from spring naive love, joy and enthusiasm, summer order, maturity and first problems, existential thoughts, speeches, rage and intense battle in autumn and with peaceful life the heart of the need for heat and the essential coexistence of winter. Every actor at the Latvian National Theater is invited to select a poem or a piece of the prose writer's text that closely links Latvia's land and nature in the four seasons and shares their stories with viewers.

All actors of the National Theater will participate in the show. Concert stage designer – Reinis Suhanov, costume designer – Madara Botmane, costume designer – Liene Bite, lightweight artist – Oscar Paulin, video artist – Linda Gibiet, musician – Jekabs Niemanis, producer – Linda Kelviga, assistant – Raimonds Celms. Five ironmongers will watch production.

Live from the Latvian National Drama Concert "Birthday Night" is also available in LMT Wired, LMT Stream and on the Internet.

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