Thursday , June 8 2023

PHOTO: Nikolay Baskow, Russia's "golden voice", gives a luminous performance to Riga


Nikolay Baskow, a Russian voice called "Golden Voice," presented a unique and impressive concert program – the "Game" show. This program is the most brilliant and brilliant work of Nicholas Baskova.

The play "The Game" is an unforgettable theatrical performance with vocal and choreography, exquisite costumes and wonderful landscapes, pantomime and acrobatics, history and modernity, unique effects and technologies.

The demonstration was conducted in collaboration with the famous Russian master craftsman Alexei Sečenov, who organized World University ceremonies, the European Gymnastics Championship and other large-scale projects.

Valentine Yudashkin and Vladimir Seredin created the costumes for the show. The show has been running for more than a year and has a budget of about 2 million euros.

The show is based on an initial six-part script: Stick, quests, theater, empire, variety and triumph. Thanks to the special visual and artistic solutions, each piece has its own unique atmosphere. The complexity of the visuals and content elements has been made by Masque – Artist 's quintessence.

Throughout the concert, Maka creates a dialogue with the public: it talks about the artist's relationship with the world and viewers, about the pursuits, the reputation, the eternity, the power, the doubts, the fears, the faith and, the love.

The repertoire of the show "Game" is very wide and varied, as always expected by Nicholas Baskova. The audience will have the chance to hear the most famous compositions, the latest hits and the fun, playful and very lyrical compositions and of course world-class masterpieces.

The premiere of "Game" was just before the 40th anniversary of the artist on the main stage of Russia – the Kremlin Palace. The concerts in Moscow were held for three consecutive days, exhausted and attended by more than 17,000 spectators.

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