Tuesday , October 4 2022

Shmits retreats to the team and helps Barcelona win the European fight against "Khimki"


Roland Smitsch, sportszinas.com
Roland Schmitz
Photo: Barcelona Bar

Barcelona Lassa, Latvian striker Roland Schmitte, who won the match at 87:80 (19:23, 19:15, 29:21, 20:21) this time in the Moscow region of the Moscow Region, scored on Wednesday succession of Turkish Airlines in the Euroleague tournament. Khimki, giving the Russian team a fifth loss to the six European games this season.

Roland Schmitz For the first time since the tournament on the outskirts of Moscow CSKA Moscow (75:95), where Latvia scored nine points in just nine minutes, it went back to the battlefield of Europe. The 23-year-old player threw the ball twice in 12:26 minutes (2 points 0/1, 3 points 0/1) but did not score. In the attacker's bill, a bat, a result, two blocked bombs and a provocative violation of the rules.

Rolanda also has one mistake and two points of effectiveness.

The fastest "Barcelona Lassa" with 18 points and eight clothes was the Frenchman Tom Etherel, while Chris Singlton and Ante Tomicz scored 16 points. Meanwhile, "Khimki" did not save 27 points and six effective passes.

The first half of the two teams finished with an unbeaten score at 38:38, but in the second quarter of the third quarter, visitors managed to score a small upward course, which allowed the start of the closing season at +8 (67:59). In the fourth quarter, Barca also gained a 10 point defeat (72:62) for a short time, but team leaders with an unstoppable Alexey Swedw headed four minutes until the end of the main route to at least 75:76.

Players in the Catalan Club worked better and cooler at the end of the battle, protecting their success with the score of 87:80.

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