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VIDEO Roze Stiebra: You do not have to touch Latvia, just live


Photo: Karina MIezāja

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the existence of the Latvian state, the legendary classic animation Roze Stiebra on 18 November at noon. 14:15 calls on the Latvian families to visit a special new animated film "The Sun Drove to Heaven" at the oldest Splendid Palace cinema in Latvia. The film was devoted to Rose Stieber for Latvia for the centenary and just became a premiere.

"The sun went to heaven" is a film which, as a gratitude and gift for the four hundred years of Latvian centuries, from shoulder to shoulder, has been formed by a group of 50 people. Her story is based on Latvian folk songs, which gather the folk wisdom of their ancestors over the centuries.

According to folk motifs, the message is an adventurous story about the daughter of the Sun stolen in a jellyfish and her parents call Annie and the Moon to helpless people. Nabins walks around the sword and goes to the path, contrasts with lovers and lungs and with his own laziness and fear. is a complete journey of dangers and trials that takes both the big and the small viewers into an adventurous movie adventure that is over an hour.

According to director Rose Stiebra, "The sun traveling in the sky" is not just a film for children, as its story is transmitted through a fine symbolism, which can be translated differently, to be understood only by adults. For some it will be a story about a little girl who will be in three days, but for others, the story of Latvian Freedom, which in the early 1990s is called the same question asked by the daughter of the Sun in the film: have you been looking so long?

Celebrating national holidays, the director calls on everyone to appreciate the fact that Latvia is free and its inhabitants have the opportunity to live in their own independent state.

"Imants Ziedonis has a fairy tale about Sājurkāja, who wanted to grab the sea and cry when he failed." As with Latvia – we should not intervene, we are already involved, we just have to live, "says Rosie Stiebra .

During the first show at the Splendid Palace, visitors had the opportunity not only to evaluate the latest performance of the legendary director Roze Stieber, but also to see and get the animated films of the artist Ilze Vītoliņa.

As Rose Stiebra explained to the audience, after the film was created, more than sixty thousand designs were stored in the studio, but the most important were placed in a large cupboard and specifically numbered to find them if needed. The wardrobe of both animators and other studio workers is called the Dainu office because the many small shelves remind her of Krisjanis Baron Dain's well-known wardrobe.

Impressed by the premiere of the film, director Dāvis Sīmanis shares: "The sun that traveled in my sky seemed rich with different images, colors and mythological content, all combined in the same way as an art canvas, where the presence and script of the writer – Roze Stiebras – is also noticeably noticeable – it is obvious that every age-old viewer will perceive the film differently – children will see one, but adults can see it differently. the creation of a feeling – behind the concept of abundant paintings is the author with his intentions and vision. The cinema in Latvia has always been alive and Roze Stiebra proves it better. "

In turn, journalist Pauls Timrots says: "I did a very simple test during the film – many children aged 2 to 12 years old sat around and around and everyone was watching the film from the first to the last minute, showing that "the sun went to the sky" movie for children, from kindergarten to the end of elementary school. Additionally, adults will spend time in a very nice movie.

It has already been reported that since November 16, the movie "Sun Receivers in the Sky" will be available to watch more than one hundred concerts throughout Latvia, both in cinemas and in smaller cinematic appearances.

Continuing holidays, November 19 at noon. 14 will feature a special screening of the film in Sigulda, movie "Lora", where cartoon writer Juris Kaukulis will visit. On November 24th, at the 17th Auseklis Film Festival, the actor will visit the screening of the film Kaspars Znotins, a speaker of the role of Nabasnieks. November 25 at noon 12.15 In Cēsis, at Vidzeme Concert Hall, the audience will have the chance to chat with the directors of Rose Garden. In Valmiera before movie screenings at the movie "Gaisma" on November 26, at noon. 18 spectators will visit Kaspars Znotins and Roze Stiebra, while in Kurzeme, Liepaja's creative team's guesthouse will arrive on November 28 at. 18

The sun traveled in the sky with the support of the National Cinema Center in the Latvian Latvian Latvian film program. The producer of the film is Robert Vinovsky, the main animator, Dace Liepa, and the director of Ilze Vitolina, who has been working with Rozi Stieber for more than 15 years. The film "The Sun" in the sky is the music writer Juris Kaukulis and the Young Midsummer Orchestra, but Castor Znotins, Vilis Daudzins, Zane Daudziņa, Guna Zariņa, Ainars Ančevskis, Dita Lurins and others talked about roll.

"In my opinion, this film is a work of art, a poetic narrative that binds all generations," says Kaspars Znotins, an actor in the animated film, who talked about the main character of the movie, Nabashner.

The animated film "The Receivers of the Sun in Heaven" became a "Locomotive" studio, founded in 1995 and one of the most active and productive studies in the Baltic. The studio produces feature films, documentaries and animated films presented at renowned world festivals.

Only in the last four years, the films made in the studio have already received thirteen Grand National Awards for Grand Kristaps. The previous full-length animation, produced with the full length film Signes Bauman "Stones in My Pockets" (2014), won three Great Kristaps awards and was nominated for Oscar Academy Awards as a candidate for Latvia.


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