Tuesday , May 30 2023

Warriors Block Green for a Game and Win 29 Points with Durent in Atlanta – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com


The Warriors night defeated the Clippers, and the controversy between Kevin Durent and Dreimond Green, also recorded on live TV, unfolded in the background of the game that supports the bench. American media say Green asked Durent to become an independent agent in the fight. The "warriors" responded to this incident by condemning Green in a disqualification block for group-driven behavior. Unlike the simple seats, the exclusion means that Green will not be paid for this game and GREEN was not at all on this stage this afternoon.

The warriors did not yet have Stefan Carrie, but Durent played as usual at the same time and helped beat Atlanta with 110: 103 with 29 points. 24 points were added by Klei Tompson, while instead of Grin, Sweden's Jonas Jerebko, who scored 14 points, 13 rebounds and the best +/- (+23), took the lead. Atlanta managed to stay in the fight for victory until the last minute, despite the modest debut game of Treja Janga – with 12 goals just four points. But Torrent Prince took 22 points in Atlanta.

The second victory was Cavaliers, who was injured in injury and failure, who broke Hornets in his field with 113: 89. Six Cleveland players scored at least ten points and Jordan Clarkson scored 24 points while Tristan Tompson added 21 points at 11 points.

Winning is also for Houston, with Denver going 109: 99. The Rockets played with only ten players for apps, only eight of which left, but James Harent, Chris Paul and Clint Kapel scored more than 20 points, helping Houston win the sixth victory of the season in 13 races. The Denver consists of 14 + 12 and seven effective passes in the bill of Nicolas Jokic.

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