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Aajal: Saturday begins to roll "Casablanca"


Aajal: Saturday begins to roll "Casablanca"
Aajal: Saturday begins to roll "Casablanca"

Dear visitors, I would like to greet you again and thank you for visiting the financial area Welcome to Economist, Ajaj's website: On Saturday, the launch of "Casablanca" movie, where we are trying to be good on our site , Saturday is the beginning of the Casablanca video where we are looking for the most important news from all Ajaj news sites and news agencies: on Saturday, the start of the Casablanca video, which will be featured on our website, Saturday begins I Shoot Kaz To be able to follow what's new in the world of news.

Thursday 8 November 2018 2:46 pm Artist Amir Carrara starts the filming of his new film, Casablanca, which collaborates for the fourth time with director Peter Mimi after "Kalbsh 1 and 2" and "War Karamoz", written by Hisham Hilal and production of Walid Mansour.

Casablanca will be filmed in Morocco, Egypt and a European country during the following period, followed by "Karara" to enter the 2019 season in Bahir Dweidar's "Kalbash 3" series.

Karra participated in the Turkish Action Championship Khalid Argang Bassil Khayat, Amr Abdul Jalil, Ghada Adel, Dalal Abdullaziz and Mahmoud Al-Bazzway.

Thank you, Ali Hassan, Follow us, Ajajel: Saturday the launch of the Casablanca depiction, forgive me, do not forget the most impressive pages through the social networking sites of the space economy, on Saturday began the film "Casablanca".

Source: Egyptian today

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