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Al-Nasra tries to leak information on the transfer of Idlib's chemical activities


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4 minutes, 4 November 2018
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November 3, 2018 / 19:34

The Sham Liberation Organization (formerly Nasra Front) has launched an extensive investigation into the northern province of Idlib in order to find out how information about its chemical activities is leaking in different parts of the province, Russian Sputnik announced.

Local sources of the Idlib province said: "Sputnik": The editorial committee of the current façade of Nasra's current façade and the organization of the pride of the most professional factions that were held on Tuesday in Khan Sheikun, south of Idli, to form a committee for this purpose.

According to sources close to the leaders of the armed groups in Idlib, the committee's mission is to examine the elements of some armed men and white helmets in order to identify those responsible for their chemical weapons. These weapons have, in recent times, been spread over different areas of Idlib and its territory, explaining that the trial process begins later on Saturday night.

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