Tuesday , May 30 2023

Before busy busy Ramadan 2019 dramatic .. 5 stars perform the rituals of the birth of the Prophet


Some art stars at the level of the Arab world have taken care to perform their rituals
Umrah of the Prophet's birth, before being incorporated into the dramas of the Ramadan era
2019 and cinematographic works scheduled to begin during the era of Eid al-Fitr.

Amal Hajaji

Published by Lebanese artist Amal Hijazi, through
Her official account on Instagram's website, a photograph of Umrah's.

It appeared as it touched the Kaaba and closed
Saying: "What beautiful scent and kisses and look, Lord, do not deny us the visit, the peace
I have you from Mecca, the nicest thing he saw in my eyes. "

Nermin Maher

Nermeen Maher participated in her audience through her
Its profile page in Instagram, a photo and video sharing site,
Performing Umrah rituals.

"Nermin" appeared on the campus
Makki, behind Kaaba and commented: "Come on to become God and all of you."

Hassan al-Radad

Egyptian artist Hassan al-Radad wishes the show
Umrah during his stay in Saudi Arabia for a festival
Igns Middle East.

One of the pages was published in InStagram,
A photo of Lahcen al-Rad who wore Ihram clothes in front of Kaaba, accompanied by one of his friends.

Halima Boland

Kuwait's TV station Halima Polland participated with her audience
In the pictures during Umrah's show with her family and through the exchange of her profile profiles
Photos and videos "Instagram".

Images showed different collages
In her daughters in front of Kaaba, she commented: "During the performance of Umrah with my family
My family and my daughters Mary and Kamelia, God preserves and saves all your children say to you: Amen,
God accepts us and all the benefits of business. "


The emirate singer Ahlam participated
The official report on the "Instagram" website, in the form of the cherished Ka'bah, in performing rituals
Um, it is.

And he commented on the picture saying, "Oh God
Umrah, our Lord accepts from us, you are the Hearing, All-Knowing, and repent of us.

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