Monday , October 3 2022

Economic and social reality decreases Battalions


Patriarch Behara Boutros-Raia inaugurated the first economic conference of Bricikis at the invitation of the Patriarchal Foundation for World Development with the presence of many bishops, economic and social events from Lebanon and other countries, official and political bodies, priests, monks and monks.

The conference aims at linking Christian economic capabilities to Lebanon with those of countries spreading real growth and supporting a range of vital community service projects.

The conference began with a speech by the Vice-President of the Maronite Foundation for World Development, Dr. Salim Sfeir, after which he presented a documentary about the history of the Maronites from their foundation to this day and the challenges, persecutions and famines that they have suffered on their land.

Then, Patriarch Al-Ra'ai gave a speech in which he said: "We are here to get to know the singer and to strengthen the bond between the inhabitant of Lebanon and the Patriarchal Church on the one hand and the scattered children in general and the Maronites, in the different distribution countries, on the other. The branches are horizontally horizontally in every direction so that there are no alarms without branches or branches without alert, and this conference, which we want every year, aims to maintain this vital organizational link and mutual requirements ".

He added: "We are here to think about the future of our young people who graduate hundreds of Lebanese universities every year and find no place in their homeland to stimulate their skills, fulfill their dreams and take their responsibilities in our society and in our country. One third of our population is below the poverty level and one third of our young and living forces are unemployed and the Church can double its efforts. The Maronite Patriarchal Synod held between 2003 and 2006 devoted two texts to social and economic affairs. "

"Our society is based on three pillars: solidarity, social justice and promotion and adopts a social policy aimed at securing the basic rights of its citizens: the right to build a family, the right to housing, the right to work, right to health and medicine, (see Maronite Church and Social Affairs, 22-37), which seeks to secure these rights to the various institutions and invest their time without neglecting the requirement of the first the efforts of the state to provide these rights and to carry out its duties. Efforts and sacrifices due to its mission but the need In order to support the good and the private sector, even the church and the private sector do not replace the state, but the assist.

He stressed that "financially, after analyzing the current deterioration in the economic situation, our Church has identified the positions of divergence and called for a return to moral standards in economic and social life, the need to modify the tax system and deepen the monetary policy analysis the issue of public debt. And the importance of coherence with the dissemination communities and called for a productive society based on a policy of overall support for productive activities, while ensuring their protection, by fighting corruption and by reforming structures and sectors (Maronite Church and economic issues) "These are the frameworks that invite us to think together about how we can maintain our presence in Lebanon in order to preserve it with the characteristics that have made it a sign of hope in this Mashreq and how to invest so our potential. "He said.

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