Tuesday , October 4 2022

Gulf News Our team is starting its career in the Arab Mountain Biking Championship


The Bahrain National Cycling Team (BNB) is currently participating in the second Arabian Cycling Championship for adults, young and women, to be held in Oman, Muscat, at the Oman Royal Army, under the auspices of the Arab Cycling Federation 16 to 20 November, with the participation of 45 guides representing seven groups of the Arab countries of Bahrain, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan and the host country of Oman.

The championship program will include four races: the Slope, Women's Metro, the Cross Country Grand Prix, and the team delegation that left early Thursday Sayed Shubar Hilal, at the Cycling Federation Bahrain, as head of the delegation, coach Corny Jones, players Mansur Mohammed Mansour and Sayed Ahmed Khalil to take part in the race for the adult class Ahmed Abdul Ghani Madan to join the youth of the border and the players Ali Abdullah Issa and Amir Abdul Rasool m Hamad to join pate in the race down the slopes.

According to the General Program for the activities and events and championship matches, the Organizing Committee of the championship from 9 am to 11 am. yesterday official training for the downhill slopes with the participation of all players as well as formal training to penetrate into the suburb, held simultaneously and attended by all the players approved by the Secretariat Committee of the tournament In this fight, it is expected to attend high enthusiasm at all age levels due to the wide participation and excellent participation of the Arab stars of the game. The Organizing Committee took place at 6:00 pm. to 7 pm The event included an overview of the nature of the matches, the championship system, the rallying of the mountain and the cross-country races. Tournament participants were officially accredited and opened to participate in official tours for the various tournaments of the tournament.

The morning session yesterday saw the downhill race from ten to ten and 45 minutes and we did not get the results until this type of preparation, while the Organizing Committee followed the award ceremony and the official training of the race for to enter the suburb From 3:30 pm until 5:30 pm The general program of the tournament matches refers to the start of the women's race at 9:00 am. and continues until 10:30, followed by the award ceremony of the winners in the centers at 10 and 45 minutes before the end S for the youth struggle to be held from 11am. until 12.30 pm and will be the champions of the race on the date of crowning and with all the wishes of Bahrain's new Ahmed Abdul Ghana cities to reach the podium by achieving the result The cycling supervisor in the Kingdom of Bahrain and reflects the level of technical progress and advanced techniques.

Mansur Mohammed Mansour and Sayed Ahmed Khalil will be on the verge of a new career with their next Grand Prix, which will take place on Monday at 10am. Mansoor and Khalil have put their mark on this Arab sports forum, especially because they have many technical and intellectual abilities and physical abilities, and have already achieved many of the entry centers in their previous positions at the level of the Arab Championships. In the First Arab League cycling recognized by the International Cycling Federation.

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