Monday , October 3 2022

Mahmoud Hamida from the Sinks and Abnormalities in "Ward Sammoum" – Mahmoud Ibrahim


The official site of "The Deppicable Reactions" published a video of the scenes and difficulties faced by protagonists during the filming.

The film is scheduled to take part in the Cairo Film Festival and will be screened this month in theaters and screened at many festivals around the world.

Artist Mahmoud Hamida also commented on the scene, which is similar to the swamp. Many scenes were filmed in this, explaining that he knew this place through his previous personal experiences, but never thought of introducing it and knowing it closely.

He told Hamida that the site was characterized by hardness and accidental roads, commenting on "streams with water streams", pointing out that these watercourses are the remains of workshops and factories and blacksmiths.

The film is written and directed by Ahmad Fawzi Saleh, starring Mahmoud Hamida, Safa Al-Tukhi, Ibrahim Al-Najari, Mohammad Bureka and Kouki. The company is produced by the two penguins, the red star in collaboration with a French company and many production subsidies from Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

The story of the film comes from a novel by Ahmed Zaghloul al-Shaiti about Saqr (Ibrahim al-Najari), who wants to escape from the Al-Mangabi area in which he lives and works in Egypt, but his sister Koki wants to prevent him from traveling at any cost. , And tries to overturn the future plans of the falcon to become a refugee on a boat in Italy and between dried skin and mules tired, silently watching the scene of the witch (Mahmoud Hamida) from his throne and helping to receive a mysterious solution for to retrieve her brother.

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