Wednesday , February 1 2023

Recommendations of the Regional Conference on Information, Peace and Human Rights III


The third regional conference on the media, peace and human rights issued a Monday statement on the issue of freedom of opinion and expression and the issue of the rights of people with disabilities.

At the heart of "freedom of opinion and expression in traditional and new media", the recommendations highlighted the right of access to information and the lifting of restrictions and the banning of websites in some Arab countries, especially on news sites.

It also stressed the awareness of Internet users about their digital rights and raising awareness of how to maintain digital security.

The recommendations called for the role of the media in peacebuilding to be strengthened by training journalists through training courses for peacekeeping journalism and the press for human rights.

He said that the digital security laws in the Arab region need to be updated and that the digital revolution does not respond to the pressure on the right to information and to raise citizens' awareness of its existence and importance.

The recommendations have called for cooperation with the private sector, which has a neutral agenda, to work together on the level of funding, thus ensuring greater freedom of information.

At the heart of the rights of people with disabilities, the recommendations called for the removal of people with disabilities from traditional media, most of which focus on increasing compassion or success stories, and called for them to be dealt with in the sense of citizenship .

It called for the adoption of a glossary of information terminology based on respect for the rights of people with disabilities.

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