Monday , March 20 2023

The rise in the main stock index was boosted by the positive performance of top stocks


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Mayada Amin, chief technical analyst at Primer Securities, said buying power was pushing the main index of the stock market, breaking the highest resistance level and its previous peak at 13400 points. Monday's session rose 201 points to 13436 units, indicating an increase in the liquidity flow index, which positively reflects the collective movements of most sectors and their response to high levels. Reflecting the improvement in overall performance market.

In a statement to Bay 365, Mayada Amin added that technical indicators reflect the accelerating power of purchasing power, which supports the continuation of short-term efforts to target resistance levels 13500 and then 13800 degrees. To monitor the success of purchasing power in penetrating these levels, which is a new purchasing power test before confirming the completion of the correction, but the success of the index to penetrate the level of 13400 marks to open new centers in the short term.

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