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Football guns want to follow the basketball leg: what kind of chaos will Superlatives implement?


For a long time, the basketball community sought to balance football – the most successful form of world sports tournament was discussed and not FIBA's earlier decision to rely on an example of football and to return so-called "windows" to the national calendar groups.

However, the most powerful tournament of the Old Continent – Euroleague – a few years ago did not give the UEFA Champions League and the NBA set up a practically closed championship in which even 11 of the 16 teams have secured seats for the next decade . It seems that the idea of ​​such an idea has attracted the attention of strong footballers who have taken a look at creating a new Super League.

The results released last week by the German newspaper Der Spiegel after the Football Leaks release showed that the strongest football clubs on the continent are considering separating themselves from UEFA and creating a new championship with 16 teams. Its principle would be similar to that of Euroleague – 11 seats in the Super League should have guaranteed seats and five others have been nominated (in Euroleague thanks to national or regional tournaments,,

It was announced that 11 clubs that will become the founders of the new championship will play in it for the next 20 years without the chance to fall from it. The other five teams that will make Borussia, Madrid, Atletico, Marseille, Roma and Milan Milan in Milan will appear after the second league championship, which also has 16 teams to fight.

As Der Spiegel announced, the following list of teams will be selected from Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Manchester United, London Chelsea, London Arsenal, Liverpool, Munich, Bayern, Paris Saint-Germain, Torino Juventus and Milan.


According to Der Spiegel, the main reason for such a plan is the money allocations. Although UEFA has the most remarkable funds, it is believed that the best teams in the overall league could increase their profits even more and not depend on the success of one or more seasons.

However, the implementation of such a major project would not be that easy and Forbes reviewer Bobby McMahon believes it would be a radical change in the established European football discipline.

The Americans are convinced that having chosen to join the Super League, the teams will be forced to leave the game in national championships – they would have a significantly higher load in the Continental tournament than the Champions League (most of the matches are 13 –,

In addition, clubs are expected to have legal proceedings. In violation of the current UEFA rules, the team will compete with the national football federations and will not be able to compete in certain UEFA tournaments – not only in championships or European championships, but also in national championships. Penalties for "fugitive" clubs are likely to be met by UEFA, which, together with FIFA, is currently authorized to ratify tournament organizers who do not coordinate with these organizations.

According to McMahon, such changes can also be very painful for the players of the above-mentioned strong clubs. Upon completion of the above scenario, FIFA will be able to prohibit Super League players from representing national teams and thus national teams will lose the most capable of their players. In addition, UEFA and FIFA could impose even stricter sanctions – punishing players and coaches for a lifetime so they can no longer represent their national teams or other clubs that do not qualify for the Super League .

It is true that UEFA will try to negotiate with the revolutionary groups and will not impose the most severe sanctions on them. Otherwise, football could have a more violent war than basketball today – FIBA ​​and Eurolyg do not agree on the timetable, the national teams have not been represented for some time by the most powerful players, in order not to we mention those who play in the NBA.

UEFA President Aleksander Cheferin, who reassured the new tournament will hurt football and will be boring, has already reacted to the new concept of the new championship.

Alexander Cheferin© SCANPIX

"Juventus and Bayern are being watched every week more tedious than waiting for Juventus and Turin to meet." There is no doubt that as UEFA president, it will be fighting against such club agreements and closed tournament systems, such tournaments would hinder football, and even those strong clubs would lose much in this case, "Slovenian said.

Sneaky news continues to be appreciated by fans – although the Champions League has shortcomings, many appreciate it because of the unpredictable and constantly evolving Cinderella stories. The furthest example is the victory of Crvena Zvezda's victory yesterday in Belgrade against Liverpool, which shocked even the most beloved fans.

It is true that, at least for the time being, it does not seem that the idea of ​​Superleague is also very interesting for the leaders of the above clubs. Here's Bayern's Carl Heinz Rummenigge assured that the Bavarian club will not contribute to these plans and distracts from the information disseminated by Der Spiegel.

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