Friday , March 31 2023

Harvard Researchers: A mysterious object can be an extraterrestrial project


Initially, scientists believed that this very unusual object form was just a curious asteroid. Such a strange, very elongated figure has no precedent of about 750 thousand. asteroids and comets in our solar system where they are formed.

The reported asteroid was observed in the Hawaiian telescope and was called Oumuamua, which means "messenger" in Hawaii. The object is about 400 m long and about 40 m wide. However, some characteristics change the opinion of the scientists and it is considered that perhaps Oumuamua is not an asteroid, but a space ship from a culture living in other parts of the world

This theory came to the researcher after it was discovered that the mysterious object suddenly increased its speed and left the solar system in January of this year, writes

"Considering the artificial origin, one of the possibilities is that Oumuamua is a light, space-based space technology," writes the Astrophysical Journal Letters. Scientists believe the spacecraft can be powered by solar energy.

Abraham Loeb, an astronomer at Harvard University, is convinced that the spacecraft that looks like an original is already built on Earth.

Together with colleagues, Loeb believes that Oumuamua's unusual trajectory and tremendous speed may mean that this spacecraft is no longer used.

Oumuamua is the first object observed in the solar system, which is believed to have come out of our planetary system.

"We are fortunate enough to find our telescope in the right place at the right time to look at this historic moment," said Lindsay Johnson, NASA's planetary defense officer.

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