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He spent a lot of money on dental implants: only then he realized that the work is not over


Professor Gintaras Janužis, a member of the Board of the Chamber of Dentists and a dentist, face, mouth and maxillofacial surgeon, says dental implants put the patient at risk, so prophylactic examinations are needed. This can be compared to the maintenance of a car that is done periodically and for a fee.

He realized that the money spent on dental implants was not the end

Tom, who had a dental implant placed in a private dental clinic, was surprised when a call came from the clinic a few months after the implantation.

“He said on the phone that now I have to go to the clinic regularly to apply the warranty. First I will need it every few months, then I have to check every year, do x-rays, oral hygiene and everything else. Most importantly, these procedures are really expensive. is coming, “said Tom.

Prior to the placement of the dental implant, according to the man, the warranty was 30 years: 25 years for the implant and 5 years for the work. However, no one immediately said that you should visit the clinic regularly and pay for another 5 years.

Only then was he notified by phone and given a signature sheet for the first inspection. The first post-implant visit again cost 100 euros, not to mention that the implant placement itself was really expensive.

“Now the money will have to be constantly checked and repaid, otherwise the guarantees will not be valid. This has never happened before before I had to talk to other people with dental implants,” said Tom.

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Expert: Patients often misunderstand the guarantee

Professor G. Janužis, a member of the Board of the Chamber of Dentists, dentist, face, mouth and maxillofacial surgeon, told that the guarantee is often not fully understood in medicine, but it is another matter to explain it to the patient.

According to him, patients often hear what they want to hear before the procedure, but it seems that doctors do not emphasize the most important things, putting everything as “written in small letters.”

“Implants are and must be guaranteed. Such warranties are generally given by the manufacturer. The warranty is often heard -” lifetime warranty “. This means that nothing can happen with the implant, but if so, the manufacturer undertakes to replace the implant with a new one. But the right question arises: what about the wrong prosthesis that does not fit the implant? Because the manufacturer only pays for the implant, this area is not often advertised.

In this case, it can be understood that a prosthesis that is a medical device and is made individually for that patient is guaranteed for 5 years. This makes sense. But an implant and a prosthesis would only last forever if they were placed on a “shelf.” But they are in the mouth and are always used, “he said.

According to the professor, if a special medical institution is chosen to protect oral and dental health, paid preventive examinations are needed.

“Sometimes patients think that they will serve forever after having their teeth straightened and prosthetized, and that they do not need to be cared for. God has given us perfect and written teeth for life, but we generally lose our teeth because of indifference. And what do we expect from implants? If we pay for them, it does not mean that they are eternal, “Janužis added.

If, after implantation or prosthesis, patients do not seek professional prophylaxis and do not take proper care of their oral health, the professor says there is no guarantee:

100 euros (Photo day / Lukas Varanauskas)

How should the patient get acquainted with the payment?

As mentioned above, Thomas from Vilnius states that the fees for preventive inspections must be paid within another 5 years, he was not informed immediately, but shortly after the procedure.

According to G. January, how to care for prostheses in the oral cavity, how to care for implants and prostheses, how often to perform preventive examinations and professional oral hygiene.

“I often explain to patients in a simple way: if I clean the house, it does not mean that they will be clean and tidy forever, they need more attention, because if we do not, it can be treated alone. Not enough, it may need repair,” he said. .

Lawyer Laura Augytė Kamarauskien argues that the terms of the warranty service must be indicated on the warranty card when purchasing any service, and that “the term is only a condition that must be met.”

“It is a matter of knowing under what conditions the implant warranty is valid before deciding to place the implant under such conditions,” he said.

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