Friday , September 30 2022

In Kėdainiai, the number of COVID-19 beds is doubled, and planned assistance is suspended


Today and tomorrow, Kėdainiai Hospital is preparing to work in a different mode than on Saturday.

If the number of patients in Lithuania exceeds all possible records, the number of beds in the COVID-19 unit will almost double in Kėdainiai on Saturday. Now 45 patients from Kaunas will be treated here.

As the ward expands to the second floor, the planned care for patients will be suspended.

The resuscitation and resuscitation department will prepare 3 beds for coronavirus patients. nuotr./Ligoninė nuotr./Ligoninė

Today, in the COVID-19 ward, internal medicine doctor Christina plepavičienė and her team monitor 26 patients. 25 patients are actively treated, 19 of them receive additional oxygen.

The intensive care unit now covers 2 beds.

According to Vilija Pipirieno, chief specialist of the Kėdainiai branch of the Kaunas branch of the National Public Health Center of the Lithuanian Ministry of Health and acting head of the department, there are 8 COVID-19 epidemics in the country. district. 95% of them are initial cases. 26 high-risk and 150 low-risk contacts were identified.

Diseases are registered in private health facilities, fire service, one production facility and two educational institutions.

According to the expert, the situation in educational institutions is not widespread, well-managed and does not pose a significant risk.

“I see progress and great leadership. Everyone is trying to be more attentive, communicate less and take care of their employees and students. People have become smarter, more kind and understanding,” said Pipirien.

Regarding the situation in the region, Arūnas Kacevičius, the head of the district’s municipal administration, said, “Although our numbers are gradually increasing, our situation is very good compared to the whole of Lithuania.”

As of October 13, 267 people were infected with the coronavirus in the region. In the last 14 days, 657 new cases per 100,000 population. All of Lithuania is in the black zone, except for Panevėžys, Raseiniai and Ignalina.

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