Tuesday , October 4 2022

Legendary legend S. Lee buried during a private funeral


Stan Lee, a legendary Marvel comic book maker, was buried on Friday at a small private funeral ceremony and the company he founded planned to carry out more events to commemorate his memory.

S. Lee created "POW! Entertainment" told AP news agency on Friday that while he was alive, he said he did not want a big public funeral, so the ceremony was organized as he wanted.

"Entertainment says that he has created a memorable page on S. Lee's website where friends, colleagues and followers can share their thoughts, prayers and conferences while other comic creators and iconographers will be posted on his social networking site Lee in the near future.

The company announced that more unforgettable ceremonies have been planned, although "because of Stan's grandeur, this is a huge project."

The 95-year-old myth Marvel died on Monday. In recent years, a person has many diseases, but the exact cause of his death is not published.

S. Lee collaborated with other writers and illustrators to bring the hero-Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ixmen, Fantastic Four and more – on paper and film to the heroes born in her imagination.

He also contributed to the appearance of Iron Man, Torah and Dr. Streinj. Now, each of these heroes holds franchising movies, bringing millions of dollars in profits.

S. Lee has episodic roles in almost every Marvel movie. For example, in the "Predator" line. Infinite War ", where many of his inventive heroes appeared, he played the bus driver.

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