Monday , October 3 2022

Merunk and Lucas revived the legendary hit hit "Time"


Merūnas Vitulskis and Loukas Pačkauskas revived one of the best-known Lithuanian songs of all time, "Chrono," which Luke made twenty years ago with the conductor Vergillio Norri. It is symbolic that the place of the conductor was occupied today by Merūnas, whom V. Noreika himself called his successor.

"This December I'm organizing the World Classics Hits concert and I really wanted to include Latin pop singers in the program," Time "was the song that came to mind, it's such a legend! I called Lukui and everything went up to the new version of the song and the clip ", – said Merūnas.

"We wanted to make the song fresh and comfortable.When we turned the video, we tried to show how Vilnius changed over twenty years, how much technology has been improved.Therefore, one of the most beautiful clip scenes was shot by a dron I remember that in 1998, when we made the first Time clip, we were happy to find the amusement park with lights near the then Sports Palace, but the city itself was not very enlightened, "he said. Lucas.

"Time" is an excellent piece of folk music history. As Lucas remembers, twenty years ago the song was a brave experiment. Then the classical world was a long way from pop music. "A long, perhaps ugly word, we have lost." Before "Time" in Lithuania, people did not get used to singing together with classical artists, "Lucas remembers.

Twenty years ago, young rapper Lucas, Time Music writer Martynas Puchovičius and lyricist Justas Mamontovas, did not believe the song would become so popular and they did not even think that Maestro Virgilijus Noreika would agree to do so. But the reputation of the opera turned out to be a simple and widespread person. This twin was very successful. "V. Norica always told me: do not be afraid to interact with the new generation and go to experiments, so you will stay up to date, so this clip and the new version of the song is my way of expressing respect for my teacher and once again to say goodbye to him, "Merūnas said.

He remembered that the "Time" for him, then for the teenager, left a huge impression. "It was a revolutionary song I heard in my friend's car, it seems to me on the radio." Before Tenor's career, I was still far from the moon, but having listened to "Time," I probably thought for the first time in my life that classics could not get bored at all, and then time has sorted everything as I had never predicted: I myself composed the comedian party in this song, "- said Merūnas.

Asked about the "World Classical Hits" in anticipation of the December tour, Merrone compared it with sports: "This time there will be vocal skill, I've found many interfaces between sports and vocals, because it's the same muscular training you just do not see my muscles from abroad and the program will be so complex that it will require all our trained vocal muscles We originally designed only three great World Classics concerts in the arenas of Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda but they started call the cultural centers of smaller cities and seek not to forget them, because not all battles to come. Therefore, we decided to link the smaller towns in the arena with a string quartet. "

The concert of World Classics Hits will be celebrated with the Vilnius Symphony Orchestra on December 26th. – at the "Švyturys" arena in Klaipėda on 29 December. – Kaunas in the "Žalgiris" arena and the last day of the year – in the "Siemens" arena in Vilnius.

Tour of World Classics Hits with the Symphonic Quartet: November 29 – Plungė, December 1 – Kedainiai, December 2 – Ukmerge, October 13 – Taurage, June 14 – Telšiai, May 15 – Birštonas, June 16 – Siauliai, – Mažeikiai, 19th – Panevezys, 20 December – Marijampolė, 21 October – at Alytus

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