Monday , March 20 2023

MG Baltic case – video review: lawyer accuses STT


The Vilnius Regional Court investigating MG Baltic Sea's political corruption case launches a review of the video in the case. Until now, only recordings have been investigated.

On Wednesday, a secret video of accused Gintaras Steponavičius and Raimondas Kurlianskis is dealt with at the hearing of the Vilnius court. It shows that both men sit in the coffee table at the table and there is a discussion between them.

The quality of this recording, like sound, is not good when the picture is interrupted, only the sound is heard.

The video shows that an incoming person puts a jacket on a hidden camcorder.

Mr Kurliansky's lawyer, Simonas Slapšinskas, stated at the hearing that this action was carried out by STT officials.

"There were at least two STT employees, one of whom deliberately covered the video and audio set up twice, which was not highlighted in the protocol, call and ask the STT employee, and why the video and audio recorder deliberately covered two times, "said S. Slapšinskas.

According to him, two men at the cafeteria without G. Stephaniotis and P. Kourlianskis sat at the next table, possibly DT officials.

The court said an STT employee survey would be judged after reviewing all the files. This was proposed by Prosecutor Justas Laucius.

"Funny," – R. Kurlianskis told the court.

"It offers such evidence to the case as real money It should be ashamed You listened to the files Experts have written so far and probably for ten minutes I would not be able to say where the experts were missing I still know the names of the names I believe that both the protocols and the expert reports are significantly inaccurate, "Mr Kurliansky said after the meeting.

He said the dealers always talk about money.

"I do not get bribes from G. Stefanoti, the prosecutor is trying to show support … in my case as support, and G. Stephanievios may have been abusive to ask for help, I am not accused of buying G. Steponavičius, said R. Kurlianskis.

The entrepreneur does not deny the support of G. Steponavičius, "the case contains these amounts." He said he could then support the political parties.

"G. The Steponavicius Foundation, a public institution, did good things. If the famous people go to a village school and teach an hour and a half for a lecture, instead of buying a strong beer around the corner and poor cigarettes, this can is positive, "Kerlianski said.

The member of Seimas G. Steponavičius was accused of asking R. Kurlianskis for money in a public institution represented by G. Steponovicius's parliamentary support fund and his campaign for the election of a candidate.

According to law enforcement, the file confirms that EUR 15,000 was transferred from MG Baltic's account to G.Steponavičius, its public institution and its sponsorship fund, and part of the money was used for the Liberal Movement events.

The Central Electoral Commission also recognized these expenses as expenses of the Seimas political campaign in the Liberal Movement, which led to a flagrant violation of the law.

Mr Steponavičius told reporters he had nothing to hide – he asked for legal support.

"This is also recorded in my testimony, because I do not have to feel uncomfortable. The discussion was not about the net money, but about the activities and funding provided by the organizations, the donors are various, legitimate activities, legal support," – said Steponavičius, a journalist in court.

He said there was no reason to "thank you for the support".

The accusations of political corruption were filed against three legal entities – the Labor Party, the Liberal Movement, and the MG Baltic concern. Apart from E. Masiulis, charges were filed against ex-labor activist Vytautas Gapšys, former Liberal MP Šarūnas Gustainis, member of the Seimas G. Steponavičius and former MG Baltic R. Kurlianskis, vice-president of the case.

Mr Kurliansky is accused of bribery by former MEPs E. Masiulis, Š. Gustain and Gapsius.

Prosecutors say that former deputy chairman of concern MG Baltic Raimondas Kurlianskis gave 106 thousand. The euro bribes E.Masiuliuiuj for making decisions at the Seimas.

Both defendants believe that E. Masaiyastra's money amounts to 90 thousand. The EUR was a loan from R. Kurlianskis.

According to the case, the 242.4 thousand were searched by E.Masiuljasta. GBP 130 and GBP 1,600. Dollars

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