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November 10 in Lithuania and the world


Celestial bodies: The sun flows at 7.37, it is open at 16.28. Day length 8.51 hours

The moon (new moon) flies at 10.30, runs at 18.30.


Andrius, Andrieus, Dainius, Evelina, Galvydė, Leonas, Vaisvytė


World Science Day for Peace and Development

International Accountants and Auditors' Day

1673 – the King of Poland died and the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Mykolas Karypous Vysnibekie.

1876 ​​- the literary historian and bibliographer Ansas Specter (Prabatchee) was born. He died in 1928

1887 – born journalist Leon Prussia. He died in 1961

1903 – Born Vincentas Brizgys, Catholic bishop. Since 1951 he has been living in the United States. He died in 1992 in chicago

1903 – born Simas Sužiedėlis, a Lithuanian historian, a literary student. He died in 1985 Brockton (USA).

1931 – born writer, journalist, public figure, traveler Algimanta Tsecuolis.

1938 – born philosopher, doctor of humanities and professor Ceslovas Kalenta.

1941 – born writer, journalist Kazys Bagdonavičius.

1999 – Lithuanian diplomat in France, journalist Stasys Antanas Bačkis died. Born in 1906

2004 – Ipolitas Uzimirnes, one of the most talented and famous Aukštaitija woodcutters and all of Lithuania, died. He was born in 1926

2014 – Artist Stasi Leonas Makaritis died at the 77th anniversary of Vilnius.

November 10th in World History:

1483 – born Protestant pioneer, German clergyman Martin Luther (Martin Luther).

1668 – French composer Francois Couperin (François Couperin) was born.

1697 – Born in Rococo, English painter, William Hogarth of Caribbean-Carbon, William Hogarth.

1759 – born German playwright and poet Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (Johann Christoph Frederick von Schiller).

1919 – Mikail Kalashnikov (Mikail Kalashnikov), the creator of the Russian automation AK-47, was born.

1938 – First Turkish President Kemal Ataturk (Kemal Ataturk) died.


In 1963, the victims of the cholera epidemic in India and Pakistan reached 1500 residents.

1982 – Former SSKP leader (1966-1982) died Leonid Brezhnev (Leonid Brezhnev).

1991 – The battle of Serbs and Croats began in Vukovar.

1994 – Iraq officially recognized the domination of Kuwait.

1997 – A statement was signed by Russia and China, where both parties abandoned cross-border claims.

2006 – In France, the first veteran in the world, Morris Flock, died at the age of 111.

In 2007, at the age of 84, Norman Mailer (Norman Meiler), who often won the Pulitzer Prize, died of kidney failure.

2008 – Afghan writer Atiq Rahimi (Atika Rahimi) won the French Goncourt (Goncourt) award for his French novel "The Patience Stone" (Syngue Sabour: La pierre de patience).

2010 – In the historic Povonzki cemetery in downtown Warsaw, a monument was presented in 2010. 10 April an aircraft crash that killed former Polish President Lech Kaczynski (Lech Kaczynski) and another 95 people to commemorate the victims of air crash.

2010 – "Ohhh … Alright …" ("Ooo … Good") was sold at Christie's auction in New York for a record $ 42.6 million (106.7 million liters).

2011 – On the 68th anniversary of the death of a Czech poet, the communist dissident Ivan Martyn Jirouz died in the city of Prague.

November 10 International Exhibition:

1944 – by Sir Timothy Miles, Bindon Rice (Timothy Mary Bindon Rais), writer of British music and movies.

1967 – The rock band The Moody Blues released the hit "Nights in White Satin".

1977 – American actor Brittany Murphy (British Merfi) was born. He died in 2009

1978 – The second "The Clash" "Give Enough Rope" was released in England.

1991 – The judge recognized the guilty party of the singer of Guns N & Roses, Axl Rose (Axel Rouz), guilty of violent riots at a concert in St. Louis. Louis, Missouri, USA.

1992 – The story is repeated – The singer of Guns N & Roses Axl was convicted of riots and injuries at a band concert in St Lujian suburb. He has a trial period of 50 thousand. dollars fine.

1999 – Hollywood's "Glory Tak" was added by star Ted Danson (Ted Denson) ("Three Men and Baby").

2010 – Two of the biggest giants in the film industry – American Hollywood and Indian Bollywood – have signed a contract to enhance collaboration in the development and distribution of their films.

2013 – Katy Perry (Keti Peri) received the 2013 Best Performance Award from the MTV European Music Awards (EMA).

2014 – Opened the Best Whitney Houston (Vitni Hjuston) Album Live: Its Greatest Performance.

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