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On the shoulders of Valancian – the NBA record of all time: such an achievement was not throughout the history of the championship


This season, 26-year-old J. Valanciunas spends 18.7 minutes on parquet. and revenue per game at 13.9 points.

Even before the Los Angeles Lakers match, where Jon scored 14 points, journalists from the HoopsHype portal on the Twitter social network have noticed that such average performance is the best in the history of the NBA championship.

So far, no other NBA basketball player has managed to score both points after less than 20 minutes per game.

The Raptors team has already played 10 matches this season, with 9 wins.

J. Valanciunas often plays in Toronto's home pocket until the last season, but under Nursultan's leadership, six times the Lithuanians came out of the bench.

"It's no problem for me, I have said that even the bench can not be less effective and effective," said J. Valanciunas, a Toronto journalist who has repeatedly stated on the floor, proving he did not talk about these words .

J. Valanciunas plays for the seventh season in the NBA Championship. So far, it was the most successful in 2015-2016. and 2017-2018 in the seasons that earned 12.8 points and 12.7 points respectively.

Then, on average parquet passed 26.2 and 22.4 minutes respectively.

According to the Toronto star reviewer Doug Smith, the remarkable signs of recovery this season show and last year is not that successful Raptors tall Serge Ibaka, who confirmed 34 points earned during the fight with the Lakers.

The average of high season performance reaches 18.1 points, while last year Serge's average earned only 12.6 points.

According to D. Smith, the efficiency of both mid-size passengers has increased because N. Nurse, unlike Dwane Casey, does not allow these players to play at the same time, allowing the Middle Ages to reveal both an African and a Lithuanian who speaks Spanish.

According to reviewer N., The Nurse decided to abandon Casey's method of dividing the team in the first and second trimesters, as in the previous season. Although it was in the regular league and the team won 59 wins, in general, this tactic was easily predictable.

"I think the coach is only trying to change something and do something different from last year, he wants everyone to play with everyone, there will be no five, last year I played five, then five, and now the situation has changed. if it is beneficial, why not continue playing? "- S. Ibaba asked rhetorically, starting this season 6 out of the 10" Raptors "games, and then succeeding J. Valanciunas.

That's what happened in the last fight with the Lakers. J. Valanciunas did the match only at the end of the first quarter, when S. Ibaka had already won 20 points.

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