Friday , March 31 2023

Palanga: holiday homes – like a beautiful spring


Reporters are walking in Palanga, and there are many vacationers like early autumn or a beautiful spring. People recognize that they are planning on a Friday and arranging for a rest, and the visit of the tomb is reconciled with the rest of the beach and does not necessarily go to the cemetery on November 1 or 2.

If you do not wipe the rubbish away, no one would have thought it was late autumn. In Palanga, like a hot day, there is not enough holiday. The audience acknowledges that they have long been planning dinner on Friday.

"We got to the beach today, we go to the beach on Sunday, we'll use it for the last good day, and visiting the graves of the tombs or the rest, or another day," he said.

"We also plan ahead, a little earlier than we've been handling these things before, we've given them respect and made it clear that these days are better for vacationers," another visitor said.

People on the beach discovered that the trip was unimaginable and wanted to enjoy good weather.

"We wanted to visit their mother, as I said to visit the cemetery, but when there is such a beautiful air, I can not go to the sea. We were yesterday, we were today," the speakers said.

When it comes to surveys of one of the resort's largest hotels, it's clear that there are not many rooms on the weekend. The main clients are descendants of Lithuanian families. Most of them come from Vilnius and Kaunas. We often try to combine the rest with health treatments – arcade pools, massages and baths.

"Palanga is busy bustling, relaxed, rejuvenated, and happy, and we feel like time is like a late spring or autumn September, autumn, warm weather that really attracts people and many enjoy it the long weekend, "said Rasa Kmitiene, director of the Palanga Tourist Information Center.

The resort will not be a significant event this weekend, guests will be organizing concerts, museums, seaside walks and some unexpected attraction attractions.

"We often go to Palanga for waffles, half joking about it, half seriously, but if we come to Palanga, we need to buy waffles, get to know the adults, too," he said.

Otherwise, algae transported to the bridge a week ago became an unexpected attraction for the guests. As long as the Communists of Palanga have not collected all the sea donations after the storm, people are in a hurry to gather amber darts on the seabed.

The synoptics promise hot and sunny valleys in the morning and tomorrow, so if you decide to enjoy a long weekend on the Lithuanian coast, you can enjoy a very unusual autumn.

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