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Š.Jasikevičius resigned from S.Pesicius who had begun "Zalgiris": "We will try to raise the LKL level"


Šarūnas Jasikevičius gave the coach of Barcelona "Lassa" the Kaunas team "Žalgiris" Svetiškava Pušis.

The Catalan general said it was easier for the Lithuanian champions to prepare for the Euroleague race because the level of the LKL championship is low.

"Let's go." This is his opinion. There are few teams in Lithuania that are better than Fuenlabrada. Always look at yourself.

We never had a fantastic relationship. I have no problems with him, we communicate normally. I am always referring to the philosophy of detecting my nest. If he does not like the level of LKL, we will try to raise him, so it would be better, "said Shar.

S.Pesicius said earlier that "Shar in Barcelona will be only a third assistant." The trainer of Žalgiris commented on the offer of this competitor.

"You have to understand how everything is going, it was in the gym, what is called in a dressing room is not a problem for me, I'm also putting things in order to motivate the players and so on." Worst of all, these things go out of the dressing room I would not want to be in Zalgiris.

We are family and solve internal problems. I told the Spanish press that I have no problem with that. Everyone has their own opinion. If you, the journalists, ask for this opinion, you must write it again, "said the coach.

Š.Jasikevičius commented Kevin Pangoso the situation in the club barcelona The coach understands that it can be difficult for a player to enter the new system early in the season.

"It is not easy to get into a new team and start to dominate right now This day is still trembling but we already see Kevin seen last year Every week his role will grow and he will still show the game he has shown here He has all the possibilities to do it, "said the coach.

"Barcelona Lassa" does not remember this group, which has remained behind the defensive limits for the last year. This is also shown by Š.Jasikevičius.

"As is the case every year, the Barcelona club brings a very strong team, this time the trainer works from the very beginning by installing the system, it is very simple, the players are forced to work hard, the talent in Barcelona is never missing now.

Surely the fight for rebounds dominates, this is a key topic tomorrow. We have to deal with it. Then – a set of details, a defense against each player, a failure to go to forces. They have an impressive composition again, we are expecting a difficult race, "said the general before the race.

Š.Jasikevičius hopes to have passed the last LKL race Nate Wolters and Paul Jankun will be able to play on Friday.

"Yesterday, both were trained, they went to training if they had to play again this time again," the coach said.

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